C H I C  T H R I L L S




Hey there. My name is Charlotte Cave and I am the owner of Chic Thrills.


I've always loved beautiful and unusual things. Things I couldn't afford.


And so, I began to haunt consignment and thrift shops. There I not only found hidden fashion gems but also the inspiration to create a style all my own. And from that, in 2003, a shop of my own.

I called my shop "chic" for stylish and "thrills" for the shopping excitement I hoped to create.

Today our - and I say "our" for the wonderful team I now have behind me - elegant and spacious boutique is an ever-changing fashion feast of new and gently used items. 

Some are consigned from savvy shoppers. Some are "brand new" and consigned from retail partners. And still others are bought specifically with our customers and Canadian suppliers in mind. 

It's a mix for sure. But always an endless source of fashion inspiration for you to create a style all your own. 

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