Our Story


Our story starts in 2003. Armed with nothing more than a passion for fashion, I opened Chic Thrills in a storage space of a friend’s frozen food store in the back alley of a small strip mall.

There must have been some sort of cachet in this out-of-the-way space that intrigued fashion lovers. Because you found me there –on the very first day – to my surprise. 

I wanted my shop to be magical. A world of no rules. No matching but mixing and layering. An inspirational collection of  mismatched, consigned pieces that might inspire you to create a chic style all your own.

Looks that you love and collect over time. Then mix and layer – a balance that somehow works without looking dated or uninteresting.. Vintage with modern, casual with formal and cheap with expensive.

Fast forward to 2007 when a salesman visiting and hoping to make a new sale told me about a fellow renovating and renting a new space in the downtown core. I asked him to watch my shop while I ran into town to grab the opportunity. And that’s where we’ve lived ever since.

While finding those unusual and interesting pieces keep getting harder to find at a reasonable cost, I expanded to working with not only consigned pieces from savvy shoppers but the overstock of better independent retailers and a mix of seasonal styles specifically purchased for our shop. It’s this lego-like collection of mismatched items that makes us a new store every day.

The important thing – and wish for my customers – is to know yourself.  Know what you love. What makes you feel happy and comfortable. That what you’re wearing speaks to the interesting and distinct person you are.

We hope you’ll come visit our magical space and enjoy the chic fashion thrills you’ll find here.