About Us


I have always loved fashion. And I have always been a thrift store affectionado. For budget as much as for the love of the hunt for fashion treasures. 

So in 2003, I set out to prove that second hand needn't mean second best and opened a shop of my own. I set stringent standards and guidelines and filled my shop with near-pristine, one-of-a-kind pieces from savvy shoppers and ends of lines from other boutiques. 

It was a new store every day with pieces coming in almost daily. It was interesting, fun and a treasure hunt for fashion lovers, which was my goal. 

Unfortunately, Covid changed all that. 

Now, I am a "brand new" fashion store populated with the current offerings of wholesalers, much like other retailers. Now we distinguish our shop with our own, unique, carefully-curated selection of styles and brands. 

The fun is now found in the mixing and matching of styles, colours and brands that I feel my shoppers might love.

My fashion savvy employees help me select a diversity of classic and timeless pieces to mix with more fun and trend fare. And together, we do our best to select the best quality brands at the most affordable prices.

However, as a small town retailer, we limit our sizing options and styles to avoid our customers seeing themselves walking down the street. We hope you understand.

We hope you love our selection as much as we do and welcome your comments and suggestions.

Charlotte Cave, owner